Redesigning Bitcoin

improving the user experience


The book describes principles and patterns from the field of user-experience (UX) design, to help create and build better products, services, and communities within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The book is suitable for technical and non-technical readers with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Bitcoin and other open blockchains.


Bitcoin vision

Origin story • Vision or Mirage?

Strategic design principles

Literacy • Usability • Autonomy • Mastery • Charity

Design patterns

Aesthetic-usability effect • Anchoring • Certainty effect • Challenges • Consistency • Confirmation bias • Control • Curiosity • Delayed gratification • Delighters • Dunning-Kruger effect • Duration effects • Error-handling • Education & learning • Factor of safety • Feedback loops • Flexibility trade-offs • Form follows function • Game theory • Gamification • Humor effect • IKEA effect • Inclusion • KISS • Legibility • Literacy • Loss aversion • Metaphors • Modularity • Nudge • Ownership bias • Paradox of choice • Peak-end rule • Privacy • Readability • Recognition over recall • Reinforcement • Reputation • Scarcity • Seamlessness • Security • Self-expression • Sensory appeal • Serial position effect • Set completion • Standardization • Status quo • Storytelling • Value attribution

Dark patterns

Addiction • Confirmation bias • Confirmshaming • Dunning–Kruger effect • Friend Spam • Hidden Costs • Limited time • Misdirection • Privacy Zuckering • Rent-seeking • Reciprocity • Scarcity • Social proof

Destroying Bitcoin

Accountability • Complexity • Cryptography • Denial of service (DoS) attacks • Energy consumption • Exclusion • Fifty-one percent attack • Flood attack • Fractional reserve bitcoin • Governance • Hedonic adaptation • Illegal content • Intermediaries • Liquidity • Market manipulation • Maturity • Misinformation • Non-fungibility • Ossification • Privacy & anonymity • Scalability • Security vulnerabilities & bugs • Segmentation • Sybil attack • Transparency • Tribalism • Unencrypted wallets • Volatility • Wealth distribution

Building on Bitcoin

Banking services • Central bank digital currencies • Community development • Decentralized oracles • Decentralized organizations • Decentralized web • Digital open marketplace • Decentralized exchanges • Educational systems • Gateways • Help & care • Heritage planning • Incentivized economy • Multi-channel integration • Productivity • Replacing financial trust • Replacing cash • Smart payments • Stable coins • Token governance • Unstoppable markets • Wallet apps • Wallet custodians • Wallet hardware • Wallet of paper & steel • Wallet of the mind

Don’t Trust, Verify

Creative commons

Redesigning Bitcoin by René Jeronimus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, which allows sharing the source code for personal use only. You may read this book for free. You may not create derivatives (such as PDF copies), or distribute the book commercially.

Free Download

This book is an early draft version! It has not been reviewed or edited and may contain some errors.


This book is and always will be free in the true spirit of the open-source software. I will do my best to add new content and chapters to keep this book up-to-date with the latest developments. 

My goal is to have this book reviewed and published as a paperback and kindle on Amazon. If you like like what you have seen or read, please help me promote this book. Any support (review, comments, likes, retweets, or donation) is more than welcome.


René Jeronimus is a designer with a developer background and over 12,5 years of experience. Currently he’s combining product and service design with blockchain at the Dutch Railways (NS). He has previously worked as a user experience designer and software engineer at Ericsson. For a couple of years René is taking a deep-dive into Bitcoin and other open blockchain initiatives to find out where his help is most appreciated.